Message of Appreciation

Dr. Amir Hashim bin Md Yatim as the Former Chief Executive Officer of IRCo
from 1 September 2021 - 31 August 2023

The office of IRCo wishes to take this opportunity to express our heartfelt gratitude and appreciation to Dr. Amir Hashim bin Md Yatim for his leadership during 2-year tenure as the Chief Executive Officer of IRCo from 1 September 2021 – 31 August 2023.


All invaluable and continuous supports, encouragement, guidance, advice and various new initiatives/programmes under his leadership throughout the last two years had enhanced the capability of IRCo to ensure a smooth operation of IRCo as well as improve the effectiveness and efficiency of its secretarial services to the International Tripartite Rubber Council (ITRC) and all stakeholders.


IRCo has continued to improve and strengthen our roles and functions as the Secretariat of ITRC as well as serving its stakeholders towards ensuring the three main rubber producing countries, namely Thailand, Indonesia, and Malaysia (TIM) cooperate collectively in key initiatives towards the common objective of ensuring a fair and remunerative income for rubber smallholders.


With his vast work experiences in the rubber industry for over 30 years, IRCo has certainly developed and improved various aspects of business and non-business roles and functions related to the rubber industry and other fields. In this regard, we appreciate his contribution to the works at IRCo and efforts rendered to the betterment of the tripartite rubber cooperation as well as the rubber industry in TIM.


During his term, despite the continuing challenges faced by the rubber sector, he was able to provide leadership in implementing programmes and activities related to ITRC and IRCo. His determination among others was introducing new initiatives/programmes such as the Secondment Programme under IRCo with an aim to facilitate and improve coordination of programmes of ITRC/IRCo among ITRC Member Countries.


The ITRC-IRCo Working Visits/Work Experience Programmes among ITRC-related rubber organisations was also introduced and initially implemented in 2022 to deliver continuous follow-up sessions and interactions among TIM Countries and ITRC Committees, for effective decision making, aiming at fostering a stronger understanding of each other’s working cultures and building networking among TIM Countries.


Other than that, the Strategic Business Blueprint for IRCo in 2023 – 2027 was developed towards achieving the objectives and aspiration of ITRC i.e. improving the livelihoods of natural rubber farmers and strengthening the sustainability of the rubber industry.


He was the leader in organising consultations and discussions with ITRC Member Countries, rubber agencies and related organisations such as the Rubber Authority of Thailand (RAOT), the Rubber Association of Indonesia (GAPKINDO), the Malaysian Rubber Council (MRC), the Association of Natural Rubber Producing Countries (ANRPC) and the Singapore Exchange (SGX).


The webinars, seminars, conferences, workshops in various areas related to the natural rubber and rubber industry were organised with the aim of achieving the main goal of sustaining and enhancing the overall economic and livelihood, of those heavily dependent on the natural rubber industry such as on the topic of Natural Rubber Prices, Rubberised Road, Natural Rubber Price Forecasting Models, Natural Rubber Supply & Demand Market Outlook and Sustainable Price Mechanism etc.


With the pathway set by Dr. Amir Hashim bin Md Yatim for IRCo, IRCo certainly will continue taking the lead on this path, to further enhance the performance of IRCo in delivering an effective and efficient secretarial service to ITRC and drives towards the achievement of set goals of its establishment.


We sincerely wish all the best for Dr. Amir Hashim bin Md Yatim for his future endeavours.



6 September 2023