Welcoming Message

Madam Flora Susan as the Chief Executive Officer of IRCo
from 1 September 2023 - 31 August 2025

The office of IRCo would like to express our warmest welcome and best wishes to Madam Flora Susan as the Chief Executive Officer of IRCo, effective 1 September 2023.


Madam Flora Susan recently completed her duty as a Trade Attaché from the Embassy of the Republic of Indonesia in Bangkok. She has been appointed by IRCo Board of Directors to lead IRCo’s office in Bangkok, Thailand for a period of two years beginning from 1 September 2023 – 31 August 2025, under the agreement based on the rotational basis among member countries of the tripartite rubber cooperation, namely Thailand, Indonesia and Malaysia (TIM).


She has been working under the Ministry of Trade, Indonesia with work experience in the rubber industry including rubber negotiation and networking with TIM and other international rubber organisations as well as the involvement in various activities under the International Tripartite Rubber Council (ITRC) for more than 14 years.


Madam Flora Susan was also an active delegate of ITRC with vast expertise in international trade negotiation and commodity cooperation, strategic partnership, marketing strategy, trade public policy and market analyst. Thus, her leadership for IRCo is expected to further enhance the effectiveness and efficiency of its operation and secretarial services to ITRC and all stakeholders.


Under her headship with experiences and involvement in various key rubber sectors and other commodities, IRCo will continue serving ITRC and all stakeholders on various initiatives and efforts towards meeting its objectives in ensuring the betterment of the tripartite rubber cooperation and a fair and remunerative income for rubber smallholders as well as strengthening the rubber industry in member countries.


We hope that all efforts during her tenure will gear towards achieving the main goal of sustaining and enhancing the overall economy and livelihood of those heavily dependent on the natural rubber industry.


Welcome Aboard!



1 September 2023