Courtesy Call on Mr. Nakorn Tangavirapat, Governor of Rubber Authority of Thailand (RAOT)

On 14 October 2021, the Chief Executive Officer (CEO) of the International Rubber Consortium Limited (IRCo), paid a courtesy call on the Governor of Rubber Authority of Thailand (RAOT) at RAOT’s headquarters. Other than formally introducing Dr. Amir Hashim who recently commenced his 2-year term as IRCo CEO, both parties took the opportunity to discuss […]

China Car Sales in Q1 2021 Rebounded to its Pre-Coronavirus Levels

The vehicle industry is an important industry as it is linked to many other components industries such as metals, electronic parts, and tyres. This directly concerns the demand side of the rubber industry because around 70% of natural rubber consumption comes from the automobile industry (IRSG, 2020). Therefore, we could say that the vehicle industry […]

Weather Patterns in Thailand, Indonesia, and Malaysia (TIM)

La Nina Weather Forecast in TIM With reference to various meteorological sources, natural rubber production areas in Southern Thailand, Indonesia and Malaysia are expected to experience the La Nina phenomenon between April and to June 2021. According to Reuters and NOAA, high rainfall and wetter-than-average rainfall conditions are expected to continue until August 2021. Due […]