On 14 October 2021, the Chief Executive Officer (CEO) of the International Rubber Consortium Limited (IRCo), paid a courtesy call on the Governor of Rubber Authority of Thailand (RAOT) at RAOT’s headquarters. Other than formally introducing Dr. Amir Hashim who recently commenced his 2-year term as IRCo CEO, both parties took the opportunity to discuss key topics, particularly those that are related to RAOT and IRCo, among others including the following:

          The continued commitment by RAOT in supporting IRCo’s initiatives under the ITRC. In regard to this, IRCo is facilitating more frequent communication between agencies and experts under each member country for better preparation for official committee meetings. This is part of our stakeholder engagement to ensure that more effective and relevant official decisions are made by ITRC’s top officials towards achieving the objectives of the ITRC.

          One area of concern under ITRC’s initiatives is the formation of ASEAN Rubber Council (ARCo). IRCo continues to provide assistance where possible to expedite the processes towards the establishment of ARCo.

          IRCo needs to step up its efforts in networking with other NR-producing countries which are interested in taking part in our initiatives and efforts to improve the livelihood of rubber farmers as well as achieving a remunerative and fair rubber price.

          The aspect of capacity building (with experts) within the member countries and IRCo must be strengthened immediately considering the ongoing global challenges in the NR industry. Training attachment programs and post-graduate studies in related fields among the officials of agencies of member countries should be part of the activities under ITRC/IRCo.

The CEO and IRCo’s team expressed sincere appreciation to the governor and RAOT’s officers for the warm welcome and fruitful discussions during this visit. Both parties look forward to closely collaborating, to fully realise the objectives of IRCo and the ITRC.