Global NR Stocks As Reported By IRSG In Its Rubber Statistical Bulletin � IRCo


14 October 2014, 08:00 SEAST

Compiled by IRCo, October 2014Source: IRSG Rubber Statistical Bulletin


Upon tabulation of the global NR stocks (as at end 2013) as reported by IRSG in its 3 Bulletins in 2014, it is noticeable that the stocks were revised as follows :-


�         In IRSG�s Rubber Statistical Bulletin (January � March 2014), it was reported that the global NR stocks as at end 2013 was 2.915 million tones.


�         The global NR stocks was adjusted slightly to 2.904 million tonnes (a decrease of 11,000 tonnes) in IRSG�s Rubber Statistical Bulletin (April � June 2014).


�         However in its latest Bulletin (July � September 2014), the global stocks as at end 2013 was revised upward to 3.006 million tonnes (an increase of 102,000 tonnes).