78th Board of Directors Meeting

2 December 2022

Bangkok, Thailand

The Board of Directors of International Rubber Consortium (IRCo) convened its 78th Meeting on 2 December 2022 in Bangkok, Thailand.

The Meeting discussed and took note of the market analysis by the panel of experts from the Committee on Strategic Market Operation (CSMO). The analysis includes a price/market review for 2022, an industry outlook for 2023 and recommended measures to address the prevailing market conditions.

The Board congratulated IRCo’s management on the successful implementation of programmes/activities in 2022 despite the challenges induced by Covid-19.

Among the activities conducted by IRCo in 2022 were:

  • workshops/seminars related to Acheter cialis en ligne france

    sustainability, price discovery and commercialisation of NR innovations from TIM,

  • engagement with key stakeholders in the NR industry, from smallholders to markets and end users; and
  • establishing the Regional Rubber Market Price (RRMP) as a price reference for the NR industry in TIM

The Board looks forward to the Strategic Business Blueprint (2023-2027) to be successfully implemented as planned. The Strategic Business Blueprint consists of four (4) strategic focal areas designed to achieve the goals of the Tripartite Cooperation as stipulated in the Bali Declaration.

IRCo Board of Directors

2 December 2022